Home Sleep Testing

Home sleep study is convenient, cheaper, less intrusive, and more comfortable than in-lab sleep study.

Home sleep testing might be appropriate for you if your symptoms suggest you are at a higher risk for moderate-to-severe OSA. You are at a higher risk for moderate-to-severe OSA if you feel very sleepy or tired during the day and have at least two of these symptoms: routine loud snoring, witnessed gasping while asleep, choking or holding your breath while asleep, or high blood pressure.

You may need in-lab sleep study if you have certain health conditions and are at risk for other sleep-related breathing disorders. Those include significant heart and lung disease, neuromuscular conditions, history of recent stroke, chronic opioid use, significant other sleep disorders or had nondiagnostic home sleep study.

If needed, our medical providers will arrange for an in-lab sleep study at a convenience sleep lab close to your residence and then arrange for you CPAP and provide follow up.

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